Watch: Ashton Agar Dropped His Own Brother’s Catch And The Ball Landed Straight On His Nose

On Sunday, the left-arm spinner suffered a laceration to the bridge of his nose during Western Australia’s Marsh One Day Cup game against South Australia.

According to a report, Ashton grassed a catch which was hit by his own brother Wes Agar at Karen Rolton Oval. Ashton slipped when he ran around to take a catch off his brother and copped the ball right between his eyes.


The video of the same has been going viral on social media leaving everyone stunned with the shocking incident. Even Ashton’s brother Wes revealed that the incident shook him but he was relieved after speaking to his brother. Talking about it, Wes said:

“He slipped over and the ball hit his glasses and the glasses split him over”

He added:

The doctor wanted to stitch him up, but he just got engaged so he said he’ll leave it to a plastic surgeon.”

He added:

I was pretty rattled … It looked really bad. I was just worrying about his health. I wasn’t thinking about anything else, I just ran out of my crease to go to see him. I didn’t feel great, but thankfully he’s okay.”

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Here, watch the video:


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