3 Batsmen Who Scored Most Runs In International Cricket Over The Decade

The tempo of the game really changed during this decade. The games are more high-speed now and even the Test matches are finishing inside 3 days.

300 is quite chaseable in ODIs and even 350 is not safe. 180-200 has become a routine score in T20I cricket. It wasn’t quite the case at the start of the decade, but as the decade progressed, the tempo of the game changed.

Only those players managed to perform consistently in all formats of the game in this decade who had a good amalgamation of attack and defense in their game and those players are the leading run-scorers in this decade, all formats combined.

Here are the 3 players with most international runs in this decade

#1 Virat Kohli:

Virat_Kohli_10 (1)

Virat Kohli played the most no. of international games in this decade as he was the first choice no. 3 batsman for India in white-ball cricket and first choice no. 4 in red-ball cricket for a large part of the decade.

The Indian captain, not just played the most no. of games, he scored the most no. of runs in the decade too.
In a total of 386 international matches that Kohli played between 2010 and 2019, he took his runs’ tally to an insane level. The 31-year old crossed the 20,000 marks and finished the decade with a total of 20,960 runs at an average of 57.58.

#2 Hashim Amla:


Hashim Amla, who retired from international cricket towards the end of the decade, enjoyed a great decade with the bat as well. However, the fact that Amla’s runs’ tally is almost 5000 runs lesser than that of Kohli suggests how much Kohli dominated the game in this decade.

Amla was, however, also very consistent for South Africa in a red ball and white-ball cricket. While he opened the batting in T20Is and ODIs, he batted at no. 3 in Test match cricket and played many crucial innings for South Africa in tough conditions.

Amla scored 15,185 runs between 2010 and 2019 averaging 48.05 with the bat. He also captained South Africa in Test cricket for a brief part of the decade.

#3 Joe Root:


Both Kohli and Amla had made their international debuts before the start of this decade and were already a part of the national set-up of their respective countries when the decade began.
Root made his way into international cricket in 2012 only and hence, played a lesser number of games as compared to Amla and Kohli.

Root scored 14,060 runs in a total of 264 international matches that he played between 2010 and 2019 at an average of 48.48. The 29-year old who is currently the captain of the England Test team scored 33 hundred and 83 fifties in the decade.

Root recently lost his place in England’s T20I side, but he is still a vital cog of England’s batting in the other two formats of the game which are ODI and Test cricket.

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