A Fan Gave A Unique New Year Resolution To James Neesham And Got A Trademark ‘Hilarious’ Reply

James Neesham is one of the entertaining and popular cricketers on Twitter. Neesham has a great sense of humor and he keeps entertaining his fans through hilarious replies and funny one-liners. After the unforgettable ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 final, in which he played his heart out and consoled his senior partner Martin Guptill after the heart-breaking defeat, James Neesham became a crowd favorite and fans showered love and praises on him on social media and everywhere else.

james neesham

Recently, James Neesham replied to a tweet by a fan saying “Kane is the captain of Hyderabad. And, they don’t have a middle-order LH batsman who can hit sixes. So,…,” in his trademark style.

Neesham, who is one of the active cricketers in Twitter, posted a funny GIF with the subtitle “so you’re telling me there is a chance.” Neesham is a proper all-rounder and he is an asset in the shortest format of the game.

But, out of nowhere, a fan gave him a ‘new year resolution’. Read here:

And, James Neesha who is aka Jimmy Neesham, replied in his trademark style and made us laugh with his great sense of humor. Read his reply here:

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