5 Reasons Why We Still Miss Yuvraj Singh On The Field

India’s star in 2007 T20 World Cup and 2011 ODI World Cup triumphs, one of the few batsmen who could hit sixes at will and a cricketer who didn’t only win matches for the country but also created beautiful memories as he played the game with passion – that is what made Yuvraj Singh the most loved player of all times.

The Punjab batsman served the game for 19 years and decided to call it off in June this year. Yuvraj was very emotional while wrapping the entire journey in one blanket. He said,”I have been playing international cricket on and off for 17 years. Now, it is time to say goodbye, to move on and walk away. It has been a roller coaster ride and a great story but it has to come to an end.”

Now that there’s so much of international cricket going around but Yuvi doesn’t wear the blue kit anymore, there are a few things we miss on the field:

1) “Yuvi can. Yuvi did. Always.”:


Yuvraj had an undying spirit and a never give up attitude that propelled his delightful cricket career. If one had to list the best comebacks by a sportsperson, Yuvraj Singh will surely feature in the top 10. After getting diagnosed with cancer, this hero continued to play the world cup in 2011 and made sure that his terrific doesn’t go to waste. Yuvraj made a comeback in 2013 and then who forgets his 150 run knock against England where he along with Dhoni handled the entire innings.

2) Big bigger biggest six:


Yuvraj’s clean hitting was a rare art. He picked up bowlers at will and very unlucky would be the bowler he decides to target. Stuart Broad’s infamous 36 run over (6 sixes in 6 balls) in the 2007 t20 World Cup didn’t only register Singh’s name in the record books but is stored as one of the proudest memories in our minds. Off spinner’s were his favorites, hardly any current batsman can match his level of playing spin.

3) All-round entertainment:


Now when the Indian team is struggling to find a dependable spin all-rounder, Yuvraj must giggle a little. His contributions with the bat and ball were always significant in the team’s victory. Yuvraj knew a secret knack and pursued it to confuse batsman with his orthodox spin bowling. A top-quality batsman who can offer more than just a few overs with the ball is a genuine gift.

4) Flying fielder:


One simple could never ignore Yuvraj Singh’s presence on the field. If not with the bat and ball, Yuvraj had his fielding ways to impress the spectators. Brilliant catches, quick dives, and bewildering run-outs are what made Singh one of the best fielders in the team. If someone had to stand at gully, it was undoubtedly Yuvraj. Like that position has his copyright all over it.

5) Team man:


I want to be remembered as somebody who was always up for a challenge, and who was always there to fight till the end and never give up, says the former Indian all-rounder,” was Yuvraj’s answer when asked, ‘ how would you want to be remembered?’

Yuvraj was selfless and passionate. He always prioritized the team’s needs over his personal gains. Apart from being a world-class cricketer, Yuvraj Singh was the best teammate a player might find in the dressing room.

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