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Brian Lara Talks About The Comparison Between MS Dhoni And Rishabh Pant

Brian Lara Talks About The Comparison Between MS Dhoni And Rishabh Pant: Indian wicket-keeper, Rishabh Pant has been on the target of critics for a long time now because of his inconsistency. He is facing non-stop criticism from the last couple of months. A lot has already been said and written about the wicket-keeper batsman.

Be it his poor shot selections or his goof-ups from behind the stumps, fans never fail to leave an opportunity to boo him. Even when he misses a chance, the audience starts shouting MS Dhoni’s name in the ground. He is being looked down upon as the replacement of the former Indian skipper MS Dhoni.

Recently, Brian Lara, one of the greatest batters ever, shared his views on struggling Rishabh Pant. He feels that the fans should not put unnecessary pressure on his young shoulders. He feels that Rishabh Pant came into International cricket creating a lot of excitement with his performances. He said that Rishabh Pant is a different player and should not be compared with any other cricketer. He said:

Rishabh Pant came into the game creating a lot of excitement, he had a lot of aggression and the Indian public expects someone to replace (MS) Dhoni immediately and in the same fold but he is a totally different player. I know the time is critical with the World Cup just 8 or 9 months away and they may even go with another keeper but the excessive pressure on him is unnecessary,” 

A few days ago, the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli had also urged the fans to give some space to the wicket-keeper. He had said:

“We certainly believe in Rishabh’s ability. But I think it’s a collective responsibility of everyone around as well to give that player some space to do well. If he misses a chance, people can’t shout MS’ (Dhoni) name in the stadium as well. It’s not respectful because no player would like that to happen. You are playing in your own country and you should get support rather than always thinking about what mistake this guy is gonna make. No one wants to be in that position.”

He added:

As Rohit (Sharma) pointed out this as well, he needs to be left alone. He is a match-winner and once he comes good we will see a different version of him which we have seen in the IPL where is he free, relaxed and he feels there is a lot more respect coming for his abilities and what he can achieve in the team. He needs to feel that more around him and he can’t be isolated to an extent that he gets nervous on the field. All of us need to make him feel like he belongs and we are all for him rather than against him.”

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