Mayank Agarwal Got Trolled By Yuzvendra Chahal For 'Showing Off' Biceps
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Mayank Agarwal Got Trolled By Yuzvendra Chahal For ‘Showing Off’ Biceps

Mayank Agarwal, who has been called up in the Indian squad as a replacement for the injured Shikhar Dhawan, made his debut in the “Chahal TV” and the interview didn’t fail to entertain.

Overall these years, Yuzvendra Chahal has not just proved his worth as one of the most talented bowlers but he has also gained a cult following for his swag, attitude and witty interview skills.

His “Chahal TV”  has become the favorite of his fans because of the way he puts his participants on the spot. And this time, it was Mayank Agarwal who found himself in the spotlight.

Mayank Agarwal, who has now cemented his spot as a Test opener for India, has played a series of thrilling knocks to help his team win the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 trophy. Mayank Agarwal was asked how he effortlessly switches between formats without his form being affected. To which he answered:

The first thing about the mindset is that I want to do it (play across formats). The more I play like this, the more this happens, the better it is for me as a cricketer because I’d rather play cricket than not play cricket,”

He added:

When you speak of the mindset, for me, the basics remain the same. Whether you are playing red-ball cricket or white-ball cricket, if you know your game-plan and have an understanding of your game, it becomes easier to switch,” 

Giving more insights into his mindset that has helped him give some stellar performances for both India and Karnataka. He said:

Wherever I am playing, I just think about how I can be an asset to my team, how I can contribute to my team. Even if I don’t make runs with the bat, I can bring energy to the field, or I can field well.”

He added:

I get on to the field thinking that I have to win every match, every tournament. If you play with that kind of attitude and play with that kind of intensity, most often you will have a good mindset. There is no guarantee that you will always feel good. There will be ups and downs, but you will give yourself a good chance.”

After a long monologue, Mayank Agarwal concluded by saying that he was honored to be making his debut on the chat show. This is when Yuzvendra Chahal then trolled Mayank Agarwal by saying:

“It looks like you have come from the gym,” as he pointed towards his biceps.

He further joked: “His arms have been like this throughout,” , holding his arms in flex mocking the batsmen.

Watch Mayank Agarwal making his debut in Chahal TV:

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