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Fantasy Cricket Tips: 3 Most Important Tips And Tricks For IPL 2020

While fantasy cricket gives you an opportunity to win big amount of money, you might not succeed in winning as much as some of the other people win, if you don’t have the correct fantasy cricket tips. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while playing fantasy cricket to win a big amount. Here are the 3 most important fantasy cricket tips which will allow you to maximize your money in fantasy cricket during IPL 2020:

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#1 Not to play the grand leagues


Normally people see that the entry fee is not that much in the grand leagues and the rewards, on the other hand, are big. So, they are tempted to put their money in the grand leagues. But, the reality is that millions of people participate in the grand leagues and while the rewards are big, the rewards are there only for 10 or 20 people.

So, there is a huge probability of thousands of people coming up with absolutely perfect teams. If you pick even one wrong player, you might not get into the top 10 or 20 and might actually lose your entry fee altogether. You must be extremely lucky to win a big amount in grand leagues. So, one of our fantasy cricket tips is not to play the grand leagues.

#2 Play head-to-head and small leagues

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While the entry fee for the head-to-head and small leagues is much higher than the grand leagues, the competition is lesser. In head-to-head, you are up against only one competitor, while in the other small leagues, you are up against 10 or 20 competitors, unlike millions in the grand leagues.

So, even if you don’t come up with a perfect team, there is a possibility that a perfect team might not feature in the league at all because there are not too many people in the league. It just gives you a margin of making mistakes. 

Although the risk is higher in the small leagues as you can lose a big amount of money, the reward is higher as well. Playing in the head-to-head and small leagues will be one of our fantasy cricket tips.

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#3 Pick top-order batsman and death bowlers

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The no. of runs and the no. of wickets give you points in fantasy cricket. So, the correct fantasy cricket tips would be to have players who can score the maximum runs and can take maximum wickets.

Now the question is who has the chance to score maximum runs?

The no. of runs to be scored is directly proportional to the no. of balls to be faced. The top-order batsmen, who open the innings and bat at no. 3, have the opportunity to face most of the balls in T20 cricket and hence, they have the chance to score maximum runs. So, our fantasy cricket tips will be to have as many top-order batsmen in your team as possible.

Who has the chance to take maximum wickets?

Since the batsmen are looking to hit everything out of the park in the death overs, it is likely that the bowlers who will be bowling at that time will have the maximum chances of getting wickets. Our fantasy cricket tips will be to pick bowlers who bowl in the death overs for their respective teams.

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