5 Funniest Replies Given By Rohit Sharma In 2019

2019 turned out to be a great year for Rohit Sharma, who gave back-to-back stunning performances in all the three formats of the game.

However, be it on the field or off the field, Rohit Sharma continues to hit the ball out of the park. There were many instances in 2019 when Rohit Sharma outsmarted the journalists by giving them befitting and hilarious replies.

Here, we bring you our 5 instances when Rohit Sharma gave funniest replies to the journalists, have a look:

1. Rohit Sharma trolled a Pakistani journalist:

It happened during the World Cup 2019 when Indian defeated Pakistan’s cricket team, a Pakistani journalist asked Rohit Sharma “What will you suggest to Pakistani batsmen, to come out of this crisis?” 

To which Rohit Sharma came up with a hilarious reply. He said: “Agar main Pakistan ka coach bana to bilkul bataunga (which roughly translates to: If I become Pakistan’s coach, I will definitely tell them)”.

Here, check out the video of the same:


2. When a journalist called Ajinkya Rahan “Saala”

It happened after the day 2 of the Test match against South Africa in Ranchi when a journalist asked about Ajinkya Rahane’s performance to Rohit Sharma. Praising Ajinkya Rahane, the journalist said: “Saala chabuk batting karta hai,”

To which, Rohit Sharma was quick to correct the journalist by saying:  “Don’t call him saala.” 

3. When Rohit Sharma took a dig at the whole media fraternity:

It was in the same interview, on day 2 of the Test match against South Africa in Ranchi, where Rohit Sharma had smashed double century. On being asked on his glorious run with the bat this year, Rohit replied with some wit and humor.

Kafi kuch hone wala thaa naahin toh kaafi kuch aap likh dete mere barein mein (which roughly translates to: A lot could have happened had I not performed and you guys (media) would have written a lot about me)” 

Here, watch the video:


He added:

“So it was about making most of the opportunities I got. I knew I had to make full use of it, otherwise, media would have written against me. Now I know everyone will write good things about me,” 

4. When Rohit gave a mouth-shutting reply to a journalist who asked him about Shakib Al Hasan:

During the India vs Bangladesh series, Rohit Sharma was asked to comment on the suspension of Shakib Al Hasan, keeping it short, simple yet savage, Rohit was quick to cut the scribe short by retorting:

I am not ICC.


5. When Rohit Sharma trolled a journalist when asked to send a message to birthday boy MS Dhoni:

On MS Dhoni’s birthday, a journalist asked about his message to birthday boy MS Dhoni. To which he gave a funny reply by saying:

“Birthday mein kya bola jata hai? Happy birthday? Yehi tho bola jata hai. (which roughly translates to: What do you tell someone on their birthday? Happy birthday only right?)”

He was also asked about how are they planning to celebrate MS Dhoni’s birthday, to this he gave a cheeky reply. He said:

“Par ha, abhi kal travel day hai humara and pata nahi hum Manchester jaa rahe hai ya Birmingham jaa rahe hai. Tho uss hisab se bus drive mein shayad cake cutting hoga”. (which roughly translates to: We have our travel day tomorrow and we don’t know we are going to Manchester or Birmingham. Accordingly, we will cut the cake during the bus drive).

He added:

Photo woto bhejenge aapko (which roughly translates to: We will send you the photos),”

Here, watch the video:

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