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6 Innovative Hairstyles And Tattoos Of Virat Kohli Fans

Virat Kohli, the India skipper is one of the best batsmen in world cricket. The Indian skipper holds many records in all three formats of the game. He is the poster boy of the Indian cricket and one of the most followed cricketers, who has numerous fans across the globe.

From his hairstyle to his workout style, his fans follow whatever he does. People are crazy for not just his game but for what he is like as a person. However, there are some fans who tend to stand out because of their loyalty to a certain player. There have been many crazy fans, who over time, have made it to the news for their love towards Virat Kohli.

During the first ODI between India and Australia, a Virat Kohli fan named Chirag Khilare stole the limelight with his unique hairstyle. The fan also took to his Twitter to share the picture of his hairstyle, which featured Virat Kohli’s face. Sharing the picture from Wankhede Stadium, the fan wrote:

The best @imVkohli From heart to head #viratianchirag,” 

Here, check out his Tweet:

Amidst the match, he was approached by ANI for a short interview. Expressing his love and admiration for the Indian skipper, Chirag said:

“For many years now, I have been following Virat in every match in India and have been a fan of him since he became the captain of the Under-19 team,”

Chirag revealed that it takes him around six to eight hours to get the hair tattoo before every match Virat plays. He said that he had seen glimpses of King Kohli but has not yet had a chance to meet him. He said:

“My dream is to meet Kohli and when I will meet him, I will first touch his feet and hug him and capture that moment through a photograph.”

Here, check out his other pictures and Tweets:

Check out some creatives hairstyles and tattoos of Virat Kohli fans:

1. Virat’s superfan with 16 tattoos dedicated to him:

2. Virat Kohli’s teammate Sunny Sehrawat surprised him with a tattoo:


3. Saurabh Gade who has the same look as Virat Kohli:

download (4)

4. Meet Nikash, the superfan of Virat Kohli:


5. Virat Kohli’s doppelganger spotted during Ind vs Aus:


6. Virat Kohli’s lookalike is ruling TikTok with his videos:





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