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Ashish Chanchlani Gives Clarification About His Controversial Tweet For MS Dhoni

Popular Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani has created a stir on Twitter after his old tweet recently resurfaced on Twitter where he had called MS Dhoni an “overrated” cricketer went viral.


Well, the Tweet was done way back in 2013 by Ashish Chanchlani, when he was 19-years-old. His Tweet didn’t go down well with the Indian cricket fans brutally trolled and slammed Ashish Chanchlani on Twitter. The tweet was eventually deleted by Ashish.

Ashish Chanchlani has finally opened up about his old Tweet and has apologized for the same. In a series of Tweets, Ashish explained the entire scenario that how he was a kid back then and was trying to act cool. He claimed that he was angry after MS Dhoni led CSK defeated Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League and he ended up posting that Tweet in order to act cool. He wrote:

“Hello guys there is news going around that i insulted ms dhoni on my twitter feed, it is not true i will explain the entire scenario : 7 years back, i was a kid and dhoni by his excellent captaincy not only had won world cup but also defeated mumbai indians in the finals.”


He added:

i was very angry and in my stupid angry behaviour i tweeted this out of pure jealousy, it was a tweet from me when i was 18 year old khud ko “cool” samajne waala guy I WAS STUPID I have never hated dhoni or anyone, it was a simple herd mentality that i followed”

Ashish Chanchlani also apologized from the cricket fans and requested them to not judge him based on his old tweet as today he respects MS Dhoni. He wrote:

I apologize because if i have angered anyone because of my old tweets, dont judge me based on this now, but i want to clarify something i love ms dhoni, i have been vocal about this since 5 years, i even watched the movie first day first show”

Here, check out the series of Tweets:

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