Irresponsible Bollywood Should Learn From Virat Kohli’s Statement On CAA

Ever since the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in both the Houses of Parliament, it has become one of the most debatable topics. A lot of violent scenes were observed in the country with students from various universities coming out to protest against the government against the Bill.

From internet shutdowns, curfews to lathi charge, the government is taking a lot of steps to stop the violent scenes, which are eventually making the situation even worse. The condition is so bad that it has led to the deaths of many.

While most of the people including Bollywood celebrities are taking a stand against the act or are supporting it, without having full knowledge about it. On the other hand, our Indian skipper, Virat Kohli has refused to speak about it saying that he doesn’t know enough to pass judgment about the act.

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Recently, in an interview, Virat Kohli was asked to make a statement on the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, to which Virat Kohli refused to speak. He said:

The city is absolutely safe. We didn’t see any problems on the roads.”

He added:

And the issue—I do not want to be irresponsible and speak on something that has, you know, radical opinions (on) both sides. I need to have total information, total knowledge of what it means and what is going on and then be responsible to give opinion on it. Because you can say one thing and then someone can say another thing. So, I would not like to get involved in something that I don’t have total knowledge of and it’s not going to be responsible on my part to comment on.”

Well, it was indeed a smart and sensible reply from Virat Kohli. Over three years ago, when the country faced a huge blow in the form of demonetization, Virat Kohli faced a lot of heat from the netizens for his comments on the issue. He had jokingly said:

“I was actually going to pay my hotel bill in Rajkot and I was taking out the old money and I forgot that it was not of any use anymore. I could have actually signed on it and given it to people. It’s that useless now.”

“For me, it is the greatest move I have seen in the history of Indian politics. By far, hands down, I have been so impressed by it; it’s unbelievable what’s happened.”

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