Ravi Shastri Backs Home Minister Amit Shah On The ‘CAA’ Issue

While the debate on the Citizenship Amendment Bill continues to intensify throughout the country, now the Bollywood industry and sports industry has also started opening up about their take on the controversial Act of Parliament.

The Indian coach, Ravi Shastri, who is known for his cool and outspoken attitude is the latest one to give his take on the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill and the situation around the country. Unlike many, Ravi Shastri has backed the Central Government in their controversial decision.

He said:

When I see all this CAA and things going around it, I think like an Indian. In my team also, we have all sorts, different castes, different religions whatever but Indian.”


Ravi Shastri urged everyone to have patience and think like an Indian as in the long run the passage of the Bill will bring out positives. He said:

“I say guys, be patient because I can see plenty of positives coming out of it in long run. I am sure the government has thought about it properly. There are still certain things to be tweaked here and there and they will do it for the benefit of Indians. I am speaking as an Indian here,”

He also specified that he is not talking about any particular religion but he is speaking as an Indian. He said:

I am not talking about x, y, z religion because I am speaking as an Indian. That’s who I have been, I realized it, even more, when I played for the country. So, I have the right to speak as an Indian,” 


Meanwhile, over the last few weeks after the CAA was passed in both the houses of parliament, a lot of violent scenes were observed in the country with students from various universities, activities and prominent people coming out to protest against the government for passing the Bill.


On the other hand, from internet shutdowns, curfews to lathi charge, the government is taking a lot of steps to stop the violent scenes, which are eventually making the situation even worse. The condition is so bad that it has led to the deaths of many.

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