Rohit Sharma Has The Best Piece Advice For Young Rishabh Pant

Rohit Sharma Has The Best Piece Advice For Young Rishabh Pant

Rohit Sharma Has The Best Piece Advice For Young Rishabh Pant: There was a time when Rohit Sharma was struggling and Indian cricket fans used to troll him. But, he stayed focused and kept working hard. Presently, he is one of the best batsmen in the world and many believe he is the most destructive batsman in limited-overs cricket. Apart from his batting and other cricketing skills, Rohit hasn’t allowed his critics to bother him in any way.

He must have taken advice and suggestions to improve his game but he never allowed trolls or agitated critics to enter his space. These days, India’s young wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant is going through a similar phase. Pant is an extremely talented young cricketer and because he has to fill the massive shoes of MS Dhoni, fans expect a lot from him.

So far, in his international career, Pant has done well in Test cricket but he has struggled to make an impact in limited-overs cricket. As a result, a section of Indian cricket fans has targetted him and this has put a lot of pressure on the young Delhi batter.

Recently, in an interview, Rohit Sharma put his weight behind young Rishabh Pant and said that fans are expecting him to score hundreds in every game. He also said that people are giving him to much advice and they need to “cut some slack”. Hitman also gave a good piece of advice to Pant and said that he should create a “wall” and make sure that nobody gets inside it.

“In fact, I was telling Pant the same thing. Poor guy is only 21 (22) and people are telling him to score hundreds in every game, do this and do that. I mean cut some slack man. I told Rishabh ‘Create a wall’ and ensure that nobody comes inside. It’s your safe-house.”

”People want to talk about you, let them do it outside that wall and you do what you intend to do inside your zone’. Who knows, it might help Rishabh. It worked for me at least,” Rohit Sharma said while speaking to PTI.

We sincerely hope that young Rishabh will follow Hitman’s advice and go on to play a lot of cricket for India in the years to come. Pant is a very special talent and we love watching him bat.

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