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Sanjay Manjrekar Indirectly Apologizes To Harsha Bhogle For His Comments

Sanjay Manjrekar

Sanjay Manjrekar didn’t have a great year in 2019. He made a lot of news in 2019 and most of them were for all the wrong reasons. From taking a jibe at Ravindra Jadeja to his on-air spat with Harsha Bhogle, he was surrounded by a lot of controversies in the previous year.

Recently, Sanjay Manjrekar admitted that he was wrong in making those comments and he apologized to the producers immediately for the same. Talking to a leading media, Sanjay Manjrekar admitted that he was very unprofessional. He said:

With that particular comment, it was me losing control and I was unprofessional, I was wrong. It is something that I regret, it was wrong of me so that is what really bothers me that I let my emotions get the better of me. So mostly being unprofessional and to an extent indecent as well. First thing that I did was apologise to the producers because I was wrong.”

He added:

“People who have read my book know that I have actually made plea for production companies to have good commentators, doesn’t matter whether they have played cricket or not,”

Well, if you aren’t aware of the incident, then we should tell you that it was during the Pink Ball match when the popular Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle had suggested that a post-mortem needs to be done of India’s maiden Pink ball Test and the players should be questioned about the visibility of the ball. He had said:

Well there is a post-mortem done on this game and there should be a post mortem on this game. Visibility of that ball will be a big factor against the big white sight-screen,”

To which Sanjay Manjrekar suggested that there was no issue with visibility and he can say so because he has played more international cricket, unlike Harsha. He said:

“Don’t think so. Because when you see the slip catchers the way they have taken catches, I don’t think visibility is an issue at all. The texture of the ball is the issue,” 

To which Harsha Bhogle replied:

We just need to ask the players what they think,” 

On this, Sanjay Manjrekar mocked Harsha Bhogle, saying, “You need to ask, for those who have played cricket, it’s evident it can be seen well.”

 “The only reason you need to ask is, having played cricket should never be a limitation or a ceiling to learning. We would never have had T20 cricket otherwise.”

The spat finally came to an end with Sanjay Manjrekar saying: “Point taken, don’t agree.”

Here, check out the video of the same:

Following this on-air spat, Sanjay Manjrekar received a lot of backlash from the Indian cricket fans who slammed him left, right and center for his rude behavior with Harsha Bhogle.

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