Three Reasons Why Virat Kohli Won The ICC Spirit Of Cricket Award

India might have lost the first ODI against Australia but there is positive news for all the Indian fans and especially Virat Kohli fans. India’s captain Virat Kohli who is one of the most aggressive players on the field and who loves to wear his heart on his sleeve has won the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award.

The ICC Awards for the year 2019 were announced today and there are a few Indians who have won some awards. Rohit Sharma won the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year whereas Virat Kohli won the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award. Virat Kohli is also named the captain of the ICC ODI and Test team of 2019.

It might be surprising to some that Virat Kohli who has been on the wrong side of the things won this award. But there are few reasons as to why ICC gave the Indian skipper this award. So, let’s have a look at three reasons why Virat Kohli won the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award.

3. Spreading the positive vibe:



Virat Kohli has never been shy of spreading the positive vibe among cricketers. He is one of those cricketers who always gives 120% on the field and motivates the others to do so.

There is always a camera on Virat Kohli and these things are visible. Some of the young Indian players have talked about this quality of Virat Kohli. Rishabh Pant, who is India’s wicket-keeper has spoken about how Virat Kohli motivated him during the India-Australia series which helped him score a hundred in the last match at SCG.

These are some moments that make you a great cricketer. He has time and again praised his bowlers which spread a positive vibe among the team.

2. Setting a great example for other cricketers:

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Virat has always set the correct example for the other cricketers, especially the young ones. Kohli has always been vocal about the importance of Test cricket and how the longest format is the purest format of the game.

He has always preferred the longest format over anything else which sets a great example for the upcoming cricketers. Players like Virat Kohli are influencing to play the longest format which is a great thing.

The ICC is trying to promote the longest format and when the Indian captain comes and says good things about this format it is always going to set the right example among the other cricketers.

1. Stood by Steve Smith in his tough time:


Steve Smith was making a comeback after the ball-tampering incident. India was playing against Australia at the Oval in a World Cup Match when some part of the crowd started booing the Australian ex-captain.

Virat Kohli asked the fans to applaud Smith instead of booing him. It was a great gesture by the Indian captain. Later on, he mentioned that it isn’t right to target a player emotionally instead you should support him on his comeback.

Even Steve Smith mentioned that it was a sweet gesture from the Indian captain. The ICC in their report has mentioned this as one of the main reasons as to why Virat Kohli won the ICC Spirit of Cricket award.

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