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Twitterati Slam Joss Buttler For Calling Vernon Philander ‘F**cking Kn*bhead’

Joss Buttler had a tough time during the Test series against South Africa. The England cricket team were put off-guard after South Africa gave their best to save the Cape Town Test.

In the opening test against Proteas, Buttler scored 12 and 22. During the test in Cape Town as well, Joss Buttler failed to leave a mark with his bat as he finished the match with the scores 29 and 23, in both the innings respectively.

Besides failing to leave a mark with his bat, Joss Buttler also got himself entangled into a controversy with Vernon Philander. The swashbuckling cricketer was heard, using cuss words for the Proteas’ Vernon Philander.

Well, Joss Buttler lost his cool when Vernon Philander came to bat. During his knock, Philander was unaware of the throw and he realized it at the last moment, Vernon tried to evade the ball. Buttler, who was standing behind the stumps collects the ball and started a rant against the Proteas all-rounder. went on to call Philander a ‘f**king knobhead’.


Joss Buttler might have done this to put pressure on Vernon Philander, who continued to play in the middle for as many as 51 balls. Vernon Philander was the last player to go back to the pavilion and Buttler got his wicket in the 138th wicket.

People on social media are very upset with the way Joss Buttler disrespected Vernon Philander during the match. Twitterati are now taking the twitter to slam Joss Buttler for abusing Vernon. Many prominent people including cricketers like Dale Steyn also joined into slam Joss Buttle for his language.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


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