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Virat Kohli Replied Like A Typical ‘Delhi Boy’ After Receiving The ‘Spirit Of Cricket Award

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper is known for his flamboyant nature on and off the field. There have been many instances when the skipper has gone on to win our hearts with his amazing gestures on the field.

Thus in order to appreciate his heart-winning gestures, the International Cricket Council (ICC) honored him with the  ‘Spirit Of Cricket’ award. While the fans are thrilled with the news, King Kohli said that he is surprised after winning this award.

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Referring to his past flare-ups, Virat Kohli said that he is surprised after getting honored with the ‘Spirit Of Cricket’ award. He has been given this award for his gesture during the 2019 World Cup when he slammed the crowd to support and not boo Steven Smith, who had just returned back to the cricket scene from his one-year suspension.

Reacting to the news, Virat Kohli said:

I’m surprised that I have got it, after many years of being under the scanner for the wrong things,”

Virat Kohli said that people should be less judgemental and everyone should be given space to realize their true potential. He said:

“Sometimes we are too judgemental of someone in their early years and that’s exactly what I don’t want the younger players in the team to face. Everyone should be given space to realize themselves and who they are,”


Explaining the reason for taking a stand for Steven Smith, Virat Kohli said:


That moment was purely understanding an individual’s situation. I don’t think a guy who is coming out of a situation like that needs to be taken advantage of.”

He added:

…I could feel what the individual must be going through after coming back from a time like that. To take advantage of someone’s emotions wasn’t correct so I stood up for that. It wasn’t to gain something. It was also a representation of who we are as a nation,”

I was happy ICC recognised it but also for people to remember our thinking should be right in whatever we do. I used to look forward to these things when I was younger, some sort of global recognition, now I have started to realise it’s just an appreciation of work that you do. It’s not something I chase but (it is) a matter of respect, not gaining attention. But when the cricket fraternity looks at you with respect it means more to me then numbers, performance or things that are materialistic in the sporting world,”


The Indian skipper who is also known for his aggressive nature was once fined 50% of his match fees because he showed middle-finger to the crowd after they some hostility from the crowd. Virat is strictly against booing. Talking about the same incident, Virat said:

“That should not be a representation of our fans and what we stand as a cricketing nation, a sporting nation. We need to all take responsibility towards that. Intimidate the opposition, definitely try and have an upper hand but in a manner that is not targeting someone emotionally. “That is not acceptable at any level and people should be wary of that.”

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