Virender Sehwag Shares His View On ‘4-Day’ Tests

Over all these years, the game of cricket has evolved a lot. However, the only thing that remained untouched in this gentlemen’s game was the longest format of the game. But ever since the ICC has proposed the four-day tests, to balance the economic scales, it has become a point of discussion in the cricketing world.

Many cricketers – present and former, and relevant people have spoken out their views on the idea. However, the idea has been getting widespread opposition from cricketers around the world.


Recently, the former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag, while delivering Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi Lecture at BCCI awards, opened up about his views on the ICC’s proposal. In his trademark style, Virender Sehwag took a hilarious dig at the ICC, he said:

“Char din ki toh bas chandini hoti hain, Test cricket nhi.”

“..Test cricket ko chanda mama ke pass le jaa sakte hai. We can have Day-Night Test cricket. If there is a day-night Test, maybe people will come to watch game after office. Innovations should happen but within the five days. It should not be shortened”

Citing that 5-day test is a romance, Virender Sehwag gave the most hilarious angle to the 4-day-tests. Virender Sehwag said:

“I have always welcomed change but five day Test cricket is a romance. Bowler tries to get the batsman out by setting up a field. Batsman tries to win by building an innings…The fielder in the slip waits for the ball like a man in love waits for a ‘yes’ from his lover…all day long,”


He had a very strong opinion on the matter as he compared the 5-day cricket to the diaper of a kid. He said:

“…number on jersey etc are okay but diaper and five-day cricket should be changed only when they are soiled. I don’t think there is any problem with Test cricket. It is a 142 year-old young man fit like today’s Indian team. It has a soul and this soul’s age shouldn’t be shortened,”

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