Watch: Faf du Plessis Gets Involved In A Heated Exchange With Stuart Broad

Watch: Faf du Plessis Gets Involved In A Heated Exchange With Stuart Broad

Faf du Plessis, South Africa’s captain is having a hard time as the captain of his side for a long time now. First, his side had a disappointing World Cup tournament and then the brutal defeat by the hands of Indian cricketers, Faf’s captaincy has been under the scanner since long now.

Now in the ongoing Test series against England, something happened that can land Faf du Plessis in some deep troubles. Well, during the match Faf de Plessis appeared to make physical contact with Jos Buttler and then he got indulged in an argument with the match referee.

It happened when Faf du Plessis and Rassie van der Dussen batting together and the opposition appeared to be growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of movement from their side. At one point of their knock, Faf du Plessis was hit on the pads by a throw from Sam Curran, who was fielding at mid-on. This was followed by an exchange of words between Faf du Plessis and several of the fielding side.

Amidst this, Faf de Plessis deliberately walk into Buttler before continuing his exchange of words with Sam Curran. Faf even indulged himself in a heated argument with the match referee. He was seen raising his finger at him.

Though the physical contact was far from violent, it still goes against ICC’s code of conduct that states:

any form of inappropriate physical contact is prohibited in cricket. Without limitation, players will breach this regulation if they deliberately, recklessly and/or negligently walk or run into or shoulder another player or umpire.”


Here, watch the video:

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