10 Funniest Virat Kohli Memes We Found On The Internet

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper, besides being the best batsman in the world, is also a complete entertainer. From his aggressive game, his flamboyant attitude on and off the field, to his lovely expressions, the moment he walks to the ground to the moment he walks out of it, Virat Kohli entertains the crowd like no one else.
Images of Virat and his lovely expressions breaking the internet isn’t a new thing now. He is no stranger to getting memes made on him, in fact, he is one of the most loved internet darlings because of whom the creative minds on social media never get out of amazing content for memes.
Over the time, Virat has given us many amazing moments from the field (and sometimes off-field as well) that later became the perfect meme material for the creative minds on the internet that has inspired meme battle on social media and we have always loved it.
Here, in this article, we bring you 10 Virat Kohli memes that went super viral and are damn hilarious, have a look:
1. When Virat Kohli met PM Narendra Modi:
2. When Virat smashed his 21st Test century:
3. When BCCI started a meme fest on Twitter:

4. Virat checking the pitch during Ind vs SL in December 2019:

5. Virat’s notebook celebration created a stir on Twitter:

6. Just another expression from King Kohli:

7. Butter chicken is love!:

8. When Sourav Ganguly shared a picture with Virat:

9. When India lost the match to Pakistan:

10. The latest one:

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