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Mayanti Langer Shares Her And Stuart Binny’s Beautiful Love Story

Being a celebrity isn’t an easy thing, you are always under the scanner of people who are always looking for an opportunity to troll you. From your outfits, hairstyles to even your partner’s failures, trolls will find reasons to make you look down. The same is the situation of Mayanti Langer.


Mayanti Langer is one of the most popular faces of the Indian cricket broadcast on television. Over these years she has garnered as much attention as some of the biggest names in the cricket fraternity. Mayanti Langer has left her mark in the male-dominated profession.

While she has impressed one and all with her brilliant anchoring skills and knowledge of cricket but she often finds herself at the receiving end of criticism and trolling because of her husband Stuart Binny, who is an out-of-favor Indian allrounder. However, this hasn’t affected Mayanti’s love for her husband.


Mayanti Langer and Stuart Binny tied the knots back in September 2012, but they still look new in love. In an interview, Mayanti opened up how both of their careers reckoned after they got married as Stuart Binny was forayed into international cricket in 2014. Talking about the same, Mayanti said:

“When we met each other, we were both nowhere. ICL had finished abruptly so he was banned from the system. He hadn’t accepted BCCI amnesty, so he had nothing going for him. I had left Zee so I had nothing going for me. We weren’t nobodies, but we were normal individuals. Everything good that has happened to us in our respective careers has happened after we got together.”


Mayanti is grateful to the game of cricket and how the game brought them together. She said:

“If that journey brought us together, and made all these incredible things happen for each other, then something is going to work out in the future as well. Maybe we can combine and do something, because our lives are so similar and cricket has given us everything,”

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