Meet The Most Special Fan Of New Zealand Cricket

Meet The Most Special Fan Of New Zealand Cricket: Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and it has got a lot of crazy fans. It is like a part of daily life for many. The cricket fans get happy when their favourite team wins or their favourite player performs well. In the same way, they feel sad when their favourite team loses or their favourite player fails to perform. All this is nothing but passion for their favourite sport – cricket.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) is trying to spread cricket and make it more popular across the globe. All the nations were given the T20I status for the same on 01 January 2019. Despite being a global sport, cricket is significantly followed in top cricket nations. And, New Zealand is one of them.

New Zealand is a not-so-large country having a population of 4.84 million and an area of 268,021 km². One of the incidents where the love of Kiwis for the wonderful spot got highlighted during the first Test match between India and New Zealand in Wellington.

A cricket fan named Allan Jones came in the spotlight for his incredible love and passion for the game. Allan is 78 years old who has been following cricket for forty years. Kushan Sarkar who works for the Press Trust of India tweeted about the cricket fan from the Kiwi land and told the world about Jones.

The passion of the Kiwi fans for their cricket team received a lot of limelight on a few other instances as well. One such instance happened in Australia during New Zealand tour of Australia. A lot of Kiwi supporters went to the stadium to support the Black Caps in the tough times. The Kane Williamson-led side lost all the matches in three-match series, however, the fans of New Zealand Cricket Team stood behind their team.

Many cricket fans were inspired by the unreal enthusiasm of Allan Jones for cricket. Some of the reactions are:



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