Top 4 Indian Cricketers With Most Number Of International Catches


Top 4 Indian Cricketers With Most Number Of International Catches: Fielding is an extremely important aspect of modern-day cricket. A dropped catch might change the result of a closely fought game altogether. You not only want fielders with agility to run across the turf quickly, but you also want them to have safe hands and grab everything that comes their way.

India, over the last couple of decades, has produced some really safe fielders who not only contributed with the bat but made a significant contribution with their fielding too across all formats of the game.

Here are the top 4 Indians with most international catches –

Rahul Dravid

rahul dravid catches

While Rahul Dravid kept wickets for India in white-ball cricket for a decent period of time, he stood at the first slip position both against the fast bowlers as well as the spinners in Test match cricket. Dravid was really good with his movement whenever the edge was induced.

Dravid has a total of 334 catches to his name in international cricket, most of which came in Test cricket, as he fielded at the first slip position against some quality Indian spinners who got a lot of purchase from the subcontinent pitches on 3rd and 4th day of Test matches.

Mohammad Azharuddin

azhar catches

Mohammad Azharuddin was another brilliant slip catcher for India. Slip catches, although they look straightforward from outside, they are never easy. If you don’t have quick reflexes and you are not anticipating the ball to come to you all the time, it is likely that you will drop the slip catches more often than not.

Azharuddin’s reflexes while fielding in the slip cordon were extremely sharp and he didn’t miss too many chances coming his way. The former Indian captain finished his international career with 261 catches.


Sachin Tendulkar

sachin tendulkar catches

Sachin Tendulkar didn’t have a specialist position in the field. He fielded at the first slip position for a brief period of time, but he fielded in the outfield too, particularly in white-ball cricket. 

Sachin, in the initial years of his international career, used to be stationed at the long-off and the long-on position as he was quick across the turf. However, as he grew a little older, he fielded in the 30-yard circle most of the time.

Sachin had very safe hands and he was always spot on while judging the high catches. He took a total of 256 catches in his international career.


Virat Kohli 

virat kohli catches

Virat Kohli has already taken 250 catches in his international career and given the fact that he is likely to play international cricket for 5-6 more years, he can finish with the most number of catches for India in international cricket.

Kohli is an outstanding fielder in all parts of the ground. He generally fields at the second slip position in Test match cricket and at the short extra cover position in white-ball cricket. However, he goes to the field in the deep as well, in the death overs.

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