Virat Kohli Gives A Fitting Reply To His Criticizers And Trollers

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli has been facing the heat of the critics as his miserable form continues. The ongoing tour to New Zealand is turning fruitful for the skipper and the massive defeat in the first Test match has added more fuel to the fire. He is receiving criticism from all corners.

Virat Kohli

After failing to deliver a good performance in the first innings of the just concluded First Test match, Virat Kohli once again failed to deliver his best in the second innings as he was dismissed by a Trent Boult delivery after scoring only 19 runs.

This was Virat Kohli’s 20th innings when he had failed to score a century and trollers and critics are not letting it go easily and are trolling the cricketer left, right and center for his performances.

After India suffered its massive loss against New Zealand in the first Test match, Virat Kohli talked about the criticism he has been receiving from outside. Giving it back to the trollers, he said:

“I know the chat on the outside changes with one inning. But I don’t think like that. If I thought like people on the outside, I would probably be on the outside right now.”

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli also talked about how it has always been about Team’s performance for him and not his personal performances. He said:

“I think it’s all about just doing the basics right and putting the hard work in the practice and you can’t really walk thinking ‘I have to do it every time’, you want to do it and if it doesn’t come off you don’t have to beat yourself up too much. You should take pride in performing for the team and I have always done that. “

He added:

“I am looking forward to contributing in the win in next test match and it doesn’t matter what I do, it’s never been about my performance or how many runs I have scored, it’s all about the team. If the team wins, even a 40 is good and if the team loses, even a 100 is irrelevant for me and I am gonna stay with that mindset”

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