3 Things Virat Kohli Fans Were Hoping To See On ‘Man vs Wild’

virat kohli man vs wild

After shooting with Narendra Modi, Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant, Bear Grylls the host of the popular TV show Man vs Wild which is aired on Discovery Channel were all set to shoot with the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli but unfortunately, he won’t be going on the show.

Bear Grylls recently shot some episodes with famous Indian celebrities. He first shot with the Prime Minister of India. He even worked with film superstars Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant. Bear Grylls was in India to shoot the 14-part series.

After shooting with these superstars, Grylls was all set to work with Virat Kohli. In this famous TV show, the host and his crew get stuck in a wild-terrain, forest or jungle and then the episode is about how they survive and get themselves out of that region.

Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers in the world and it would have been interesting to watch him being a part of this show. Kohli hasn’t been part of many TV shows and so he declined the offer to be on this show as well. Virat Kohli’s fans were anticipating a great episode and had their lists ready as to what they wanted to see. So, let’s have a look at three things which the fans would have loved to see in the special ‘Man vs Wild’s’ episode.

Can Virat Kohli face dangerous animals like he faces dangerous fast bowlers? 

virat kohli man vs wild

Now when you get stuck in a forest or a jungle you are ought to see dangerous animals. If you have seen this show you will know that Bear Grylls always encounters dangerous animals like snakes and some others. For common people, this is not a normal thing.

Most people will get scared seeing these animals in real and hence everybody would want to watch Kohli’s reaction on this. Kohli fans have never seen anything like this and this would have been something very interesting to watch. It would have been fun to watch whether Kohli remains brave or just like most common people get scared seeing some of those dangerous animals.

Virat Kohli’s fitness vs survival

virat kohli man vs wild

As mentioned earlier, Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers around the world at the moment. He is arguably the fittest cricketer in India. When you are stuck in a forest or a jungle, your fitness will be tested.

There will be areas where you will get nothing to eat or drink so it will be important to conserve your energy and move accordingly. Being a sportsman, Virat Kohli will understand all these things. Having said that, playing on a cricket field and surviving in a forest are two completely different things.

Virat Kohli hasn’t done this ever before and so it would have been a great spectacle to watch how he survives with all his fitness.

Can Virat Kohli eat like Bear Grylls?

bear grylls

If you have ever watched this show then you will know that Bear Grylls who is the host of the show, while roaming in the forest, eats whatever he gets. He eats raw animals for fun. Some people might enjoy watching it but for some it is troublesome. Can Virat Kohli eat like Bear Grylls?

The answer to the question would have been no because the Indian captain is now Vegan. He used to eat non-veg but now he has changed himself and he won’t be able to eat whatever Grylls eats. Even though Virat Kohli might not eat, what would have been interesting to watch is Kohli’s reaction while Bear Grylls tries all these things in the forest or jungle.

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