Cricket Fact Check: 3 Biggest Lies All Cricket Fans Thought Were True

3 Biggest Lies All Cricket Fans Thought Were True: The 90’s kids are known to be the hardcore fans of cricket because they witnessed the rise of Indian cricket team which featured the likes of Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Ashish Nehra, MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, and several other legendary players. Since the internet was not so popular in that era, the fans could only enjoy matches on their TV screens or listen to the commentary on the radio.

In the current internet era, there are enough sources to verify the rumors that spread in the cricket universe, however, back then there were provisions to check the credibility of the false statements that spread like wildfire among the cricket fans. Here’s a list of those three cricket rumors which you believed as a child were true.

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Steve Waugh trolls Herschelle Gibbs after he drops a catch in the 1999 World Cup semifinal 

The fans will always remember the 1999 World Cup semifinal match between South Africa and Australia for Australia’s impressive victory over the Proteas. The South African team had set a target of 271 runs for the Aussies and Steve Waugh was the in-form Australian batsman. When Waugh was on 56, he played a shot towards Herschelle Gibbs.

Known as one of the better fielders of South Africa, Gibbs almost executed the catch to perfection however, the ball had touched the turf ruling Waugh not out. The batsman later went on to score a fine century as Australia qualified for the finale. Later, it was learnt that Waugh told the following words to Gibbs after he dropped the catch –

 “You’ve just dropped the World Cup, mate”.

 However, the Aussie clarified in one of his interviews that he never said those words. Waugh said,
“It’s funny how people start believing in these things.”

MS Dhoni drinks 5 liters of milk every day 

While MS Dhoni is one of the best players of all time, there was a rumor about him which had circulated a lot after the right-handed batsman smashed sixes quite effortlessly. The rumor stated that MS Dhoni used to drink 5 liters of milk everyday which gave him the muscle and the strength to hit so big sixes.

However, when the man himself was interrogated about this rumor, he absolutely denied it stating that he can’t even drink one-liter milk in one day forget about drinking five liters in a day.

AB de Villiers mastered every sport 

Mr. 360 of cricket, AB de Villiers has made a name for himself with his unique ability to strike the ball towards every corner of the ground. His goal is to score the runs for the team no matter how they come. Hence, he plays shots that drive the ball anywhere. Besides, this skill de Villiers was also known to be master in all the other sports namely badminton, rugby, tennis, swimming and several other sports.

Image source: Sportskeeda

However, the former South African skipper had made it clear in his autobiography that he never excelled in any other spot. This is what de Villiers wrote:

“I played hockey for one year at high school … but I was never shortlisted for the national hockey squad, or ever came remotely close to that level. I never represented South Africa (in rugby) at any level … and was never a captain. I never played badminton at school.”

Thus, these were the three cricket lies you believed as a child were true.

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