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A Fan Listed Down The Best Qualities Of MS Dhoni On Twitter And Twitterati Agreed With Him

MS Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketers of all time. The wicket-keeper batsman started a revolution in Indian cricket. When he was handed over the captaincy, the first thing he did was improve the fitness and fielding levels of the team. He took the bold step of removing the senior players because they were not so agile on the field. Later, he prepared a young army and blended them with the seniors who worked on the fitness levels.

The young brigade helped India win the 2007 T20 World Cup while the combination of youth and experience helped India register a thumping win in the 2011 ICC World Cup. Although he achieved so much success on the field, Dhoni never boasted himself to be the best captain of the world. He always stayed down to earth and continued to do good work.

But, as a famous saying goes that every coin has two sides, just like that MS Dhoni has an equal number of fans and haters. The critics always criticize his style of playing and his questionable decisions however, they do not note the fact that the Ranchi-born star is the best skipper that India has ever had. Even when the current Indian team needs his experience, he helps the team in terms of field setting and even with his DRS calls.

A Twitter user named Old School Monk listed down the good qualities possessed by MS Dhoni and mentioned that he has amazing composure on the field. He is the wisest Indian captain while he was also the most attractive stroke player of his time. Dhoni is humble, he does not seek attention and lastly, he is the man who gave India 2 World Cup wins. Here is the tweet from Old School Monk which went viral on the micro-blogging platform and how the Twitterverse reacted to it.

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