A Twitter User Tried To Troll MS Dhoni And Got A Fitting Reply From One Of His Fans

A Twitter User Tried To Troll MS Dhoni And Got A Fitting Reply From One Of His Fans: Cricket is more than sports, it is a feeling and is considered more like a religion in our country. However, the rivalry between cricket fans regarding their favorite cricketers isn’t a new thing. Twitter is a perfect place for all the cricket fans out there. Every day we see fans indulging in hilarious and sometimes ugly banters on social media regarding their favorite cricketers.

Today, while taking our daily tour on social media, we stumbled upon a Tweet which was shared by a Twitter user with the username ‘@Kanatunga’, where he shared a few pictures of MS Dhoni with different expressions and doing different things. However, the Twitter user compared each picture with different pictures of the monkey.
Comparing the two, the Twitter user wrote: “Dhoni as Monkey…A Thread”
Here, check out the tread:

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The tweet obviously didn’t go down well with the Dhoni fans who trolling the Twitter user for his Tweet. However, there were many who took the Tweet very lightly. But there was this one tweet that caught all the attention from the Tweet.
Well, a Twitter user with the username ‘@RitikRai619’, gave an amazing reply to the Twitter user who compared MS Dhoni with a monkey. In his reply, Ritik reminded the Twitter user of Lord Hanuman by sharing a picture of Lord Hanuman, who can be seen lifting the ‘Sanjivani mountain’ and compared it with the picture of MS Dhoni with a trophy. He wrote: “को नहीं जानत है जग में कपि, संकटमोचन नाम तिहारो I” (which is popular ‘bhajan’ of Lord Hanuman).
Here, check out the savage tweet by Ritik Rai:

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