Aakash Chopra Trolled Rajnikanth After Twitter Deleted Superstar’s Video On Coronavirus

Aakash Chopra Trolled Rajnikanth After Twitter Deleted Superstar’s Video On Coronavirus: A lot has been happening in the country, ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus. So far, more than 300 people have been infected by the disease and 5 people have lost their lives to it. As the numbers are increasing rapidly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a ‘Janta Curfew’ for the containment of the disease.

While prominent people around the country, including cricketers, sportspersons, actors, singers, and other prominent people are taking to their social media to spread awareness about the disease and are also spreading awareness about the preventive measure one should follow to prevent themselves from the disease, on the other hand, almost everyone has been receiving ‘senseless’ WhatsApp forwards about the disease.


Recently, while supporting Prime Minister Modi’s decision of Janta Curfew, Superstar Rajnikanth took to his Twitter and shared a video of himself, where he talked about how the virus will get inactive within 14 hours of curfew. The information was false and for the same reason, Twitter was quick to delete the video.

Sharing the news, popular journalist Shiv Aroor took to his Twitter and revealed:

Twitter deletes  @Rajinikanth’s video tweet, apparently for suggesting in it that 14-hour curfew will break the cycle of infections.”

Here, check out the Tweet of Shiv Aroor:

Soon, Aakash Chopra noticed the Tweet and came up with a hilarious reply. In his tweet, Aakash Chopra hilariously trolled Rajnikanth by taking a dig at his ‘super-powers’. At the same time, Aakash Chopra also highlighted the sad reality that how educated people are believing the false information being circulated on social media. Retweeting Shiv Aroor’s tweet, Aakash Chopra wrote:

On a lighter note—next Breaking News—Rajnikanth Deletes Twitter.
On a serious note—it’s incredible how educated people are buying into whatsapp BS university of Lies.”

Here, check out the Tweet of Aakash Chopra:

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