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Brian Lara Shared The Name Of His Favorite Cricketer

Brian Lara is one of the biggest names in the cricket world, who has millions of fans across the globe. He is the only batsmen to hit 400 in international Test matches while holding numerous other records in the cricket world. So when this legendary batsman lavishes praises on any cricketer, then it is indeed special and the whole world takes notice.

Recently, the West Indies legendary cricketer revealed his favorite cricketer, who not so surprisingly happens to be a current Indian batsman. But Brian Lara’s current favorite cricketer isn’t Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni or Rohit Sharma.

Well, Brian Lara recently admitted to the fact that he loves watching Indian sensational player KL Rahul and is a big fan of his batting.

KL Rahul is in some great form and has been giving some amazing performances for a long time now. He has impressed one and all with his performances and Brian Lara is one of them. Talking about him in an interview with Sportstar, Brian Lara said:

Rahul is just class. He is a great entertainer and a great person to watch bat,

Brian Lara who holds a world record of the highest scores (400-not out) in the Test Match also talked about the duration of Test matches. As per him, he isn’t concerned about the duration as long as the results are good. Giving his take on four-day or five-day Test matches, Brian Lara said:

My only (thing) from Test cricket is that everyone that watches cricket knows the game is going to end as a result, that in itself will peak in interest.”

He added:

If it is five days, four days, it doesn’t matter. If every game is going to end in a result in some way or some form, I think the interest is going to be created on the first day, on the last day, as long as people know that,”

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