Danish Kaneria Slammed PCB For Ignoring His Case Because He Is A Hindu

Danish Kaneria has once again criticized the Pakistan Cricket Board for not helping him in his rehabilitation from the spot-fixing case while allowing the other cricketers guilty of the same offense to make a comeback.

Kaneria reckons the reason why PCB doesn’t want to do anything to help him is because of his religion. He belongs to the Hindu community which is a minority in Pakistan.

Kaneria had created a massive controversy a few months ago by revealing that his teammates in the Pakistan set-up used to discriminate against him because of his religion and some of them used to refuse to even eat with him.

It was the former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar who first talked about the issue while speaking on a talk show and Kaneria made the revelation thereafter to validate Akhtar’s comments.

However, some other Pakistani cricketers denied Kaneria’s claims saying if he really had to face discrimination, he wouldn’t have been able to play as many games for Pakistan as he eventually did.

The Pakistan Cricket Board recently allowed the left-handed opener, Sharjeel Khan, to play in the PSL which didn’t go down well with Kaneria. Sharjeel was also suspended for spot-fixing, for which Kaneria is serving a life ban. Kaneria doesn’t quite understand if everybody’s plea is getting accepted, why can’t his plea be accepted as well?

Danish Kaneria is not hell-bent on being allowed to play again, but he insists if PCB doesn’t allow him to play, they can at least allow him to be a coach.

The former leg-spinner vented out his frustration on twitter as he slammed the Pakistan Cricket Board for ignoring his case.

He also revealed that he had written a letter to the former Pakistan captain and the current Prime Minister Imran Khan and was hoping for his intervention.

Kaneria last represented Pakistan in a Test match against England in 2010.

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