Harbhajan Singh Lashed Out At The Protesters Who Attacked Policemen Amid The Lockdown

Entire India is currently locked down inside their homes as the Indian citizens gear up to battle the novel Coronavirus. In this situation, the policemen and the doctors have been working despite the lockdown and they are the reason why the cases in India have reduced. Although a majority of the people are following the instructions given by the government, not all of them intend to follow the rules.

There have been a few reports where the people are coming out of their homes for no valid reasons and then they are arguing with the policemen, even getting physical with them. Recently, a video went viral on the internet where the lockdown breakers are seen beating the policemen who were just performing their duties.

It is really disheartening to see the citizens attacking the policemen and not understanding the fact that they are working for the citizens’ safety. Talking about cricket, IPL 2020 was set to begin this Sunday with Mumbai Indians taking on Chennai Super Kings. Harbhajan Singh has been an important member of both the teams hence, his fans were very excited about the match. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has compelled BCCI to defer the tournament until 15th April. The chances that we will get a full IPL this year are very low.

Indian off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh, who is known to have a very big heart, did not take this video lightly as he called out the attackers on social media. He posted the video of the beatdown on his Twitter account and captioned it as follows:

“We have to change our attitude towards the not forget they are putting their lives to save ours.they also have families but they r doing their duty for the nation..why can’t we all just stay at home and be sensible for once for a better tomorrow. Plz, be sensible.”

Here is Harbhajan’s tweet:

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