7 Batsmen Who Don’t Have Big Muscles But Smash Massive Sixes

Batsmen Who Don’t Have Big Muscles But Smash Massive Sixes: Six-hitting has now become an integral part of a batsman’s game, especially in the limited-overs format. Most successful players who have made it big in the T20 leagues around the globe, often have the tendency to clear the ropes with ease. However, not every player can smack sixes at will. Players like Andre Russell, Kieron Pollard, and Chris Gayle, make it happen by the virtue of their power behind their shots.

While there are some who rely on mere timing to fetch an equal amount of runs. For them, hitting a six is a case of extension rather than being innovative to manufacture power behind their execution.

Here’s a look at 7 cricketers who can hit huge sixes without unleashing power:

1. Hardik Pandya

One of the strongest pillars in Mumbai Indians setup, Hardik Pandya has times and again proved his worth as a finisher in the team. Not only at the IPL level, but Pandya has also risen to the occasion in displaying his ability for India to hit sixes with ease. It is his ability to meet the bat with ball and time it to perfection in order to fetch half a dozen runs. He’s not among the most muscular cricketers but is still able to torment bowling attacks at will.

2. Rohit Sharma

The Indian vice-captain Rohit Sharma is the epitome for most batsmen around the world on how to hit a six with sheer timing on the ball. Sharma, who has hit most international sixes than any other individual in the last two years, often hits it without much effort. He makes it pleasing to the eye with his innate ability to loft balls consistently over the boundary fence.

3. Virat Kohli

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli was often criticized for his inability to hit sixes at quite an early stage in his career. However, in the last 3-4 years, Kohli has surprised himself by hitting some unimaginable cricket shots that tend to travel over the boundary. With his elegant strokeplay, Kohli has adopted his white-ball game in such a way that he can hit a six at any time in his innings.

4. Martin Guptill

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The Kiwi opener Martin Guptill is another such player who can seamlessly hit sixes over the fence. Guptill who has shown the ability to play long innings even in the limited-overs format. Being an aggressive opener, Guptill loves to attack the bowlers, In the process, he ends up hitting more sixes than fours which indicates his liking towards the glory shot.

5. KL Rahul

One of the sweetest timers of the cricket ball, KL Rahul is a treat to watch when on-song. In T20 cricket, Rahul is India’s best opening batsman, especially with the range of shots that he possesses win his armory. When Rahul hits a six, it is more of a gentle lofted shot rather than a muscled hit. He aims to hit it through the meat of his bat with pure timing which in itself takes care of the distance and the height.

6. Ab De Villiers

Ab de Villiers is synonymous with innovation in cricket. Known as Mr. 360, the retired South African is one of the most fascinating players to watch while in action. He does unreal stuff on the field, and hitting effortless sixes is a part of his on-field exploits. Playing for RCB in the IPL, de Villiers often puts a show for the RCB fans with his unconventional cricket shots. Just like many others, it is his strength in timing the ball which can see the ball sail over the boundary ropes on most occasions.

7. Jason Roy

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England opening batsman, Jason Roy also falls in this category of six-hitting maestros who don’t have big muscles but can still hit massive sixes. Roy, being an aggressive opener, prefers to charge down the wicket. His strength lies in his ability to use the bowler’s pace and deliver the ball in stands in a majority of cases. It is because of Roy’s attacking mindset that England manages to do so well in limited-overs cricket.

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