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Rohit Sharma Was Asked To Give His Views On IPL 2020 And He Gave A Brilliant Reply

The whole country is currently holed up in their homes and so is team India star batsman Rohit Sharma because of the 21 days lockdown in the country which was recently imposed by honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus outbreak has made all the cricketers and celebrities draw towards self-isolation and living indoors. However, these people are making most of their time in self-isolation. From hosting fun interactive sessions on social media to sharing creative ways of eliminating boredom our celebrities are keeping the netizens entertained with their social media game.

Recently, the former England captain Kevin decided to take some time out and go live on Instagram with the ‘Hitman’ Sharma. During the live interaction,  Rohit Sharma revealed how he has been keeping himself fit during the Quarantine period. Sharing how it is hard to stay fit while at home, he said:

It’s very hard actually (to stay fit),”

However, he has a unique and interesting way of doing work-outs. He revealed:

I live in a building which has about 54 floors, and we had to stop all the indoor and outdoor activities. So just been running up and down the stairs. Not 54 floors but about two or three floors up and down and doing some conditioning exercises here and there.”

Rohit Sharma revealed the lowest point in his career. He said: “Not getting picked for the 2011 World Cup squad, that was the saddest moment as it was happening in our own backyard, the final was played at my home ground,” 

However, Rohit Sharma soon accepted that it was because of his own mistakes, he revealed:

“It was due to my performances, I was not at my best,”

Rohit Sharma also talked about the suspended season of the Indian Premier League, which was earlier slated to release on March 29.

“At some stage, when things settle down, it might happen, who knows,”

We should first think about the country. The situation needs to get better first then we can talk about the IPL. Let life get back to normal first”. 



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