Sourav Ganguly Has Once Again Proved That He Is ‘Dada’ On And Off The Field

These are torrid times for the entire world as the pandemic COVID-19 continues to take widespread effect around the globe. Even in India, the government has taken steep measures to prevent the further spread of this virus in the country. Already, over 600 cases have been reported in India taking up the death toll to 15 so far.

In such adverse circumstances where a 21-day lockdown period has been imposed by the government of India, a majority of the population is finding it tough to even make two ends meet. As a result, people from various walks of life have come ahead to contribute in the best possible ways of helping fellow citizens in seeing through this difficult phase.

Sourav Ganguly to donate rice worth Rs 50 lakhs

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has come forward to donate rice for the underprivileged during this 21-day lockdown period in the country. Ganguly along with Lal Baba Rice has announced to provide rice worth Rs 50 lakhs to help the underprivileged survive through these torrid times.

“Hope this initiative of Ganguly would encourage other citizens of the state to take up similar initiatives to serve the people of our state,” the statement from the company added.

The government of India is taking all the necessary steps to combat this situation in providing people with all the daily essentials. However, with the virus spreading like fire, it becomes essential for people to stay indoors and take every preventive measure to stop any further spread of COVID-19.

In such a time, the move from Ganguly is much-appreciated for the people who are affected economically during this lockdown period. AS per stats, more than 4,00,000 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 including a death toll of around 17,000. While the situation in India is still under control, it becomes very crucial for the people of India to show sanity and follow the guidelines as advised by the health ministry.

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