3 Batsmen Who Have Hit Most Sixes Off Pull Shot Since 2015

Pull shot is one of the better-looking shots in the game of cricket and not only does it look good, but it also requires a great amount of skill as well. There have been many players who are good drivers of the ball, but they struggle whenever the ball is banged short and that’s because either they are not able to shift their weight back properly or pick the length of the ball late.

If the bowler has got a decent bit of pace and the pitch has got a decent bit of carrying, there is not much margin for error while executing a pull shot.

Not only do you need to pick the length of the ball early, but you also have to make sure you are shifting your weight, from front to back, because if you don’t do that, but there is also a very high chance that you will be rushed into your shot and will top-edge it straight up in the air.

A few of the modern white ball cricketers have the reputation of collecting a lot of runs off the pull shot. Here are the 3 batsmen who have hit most sixes off the pull shot since 2015 –

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is probably the best puller of the cricket ball going around at the moment and he is not someone who hangs back in his crease.

A lot of players, who are efficient on the horizontal bat shots, often hang back looking for the length to be shorter, but Rohit actually sets himself for the fuller ball.

However, if the length is dragged back even an inch, he is outstandingly quick to rock onto the back-foot and hit it off the middle of the blade.

The Indian white-ball vice-captain has hit a total of 116 sixes off the pull shot since 2015.

Eoin Morgan

The England white-ball captain Eoin Morgan has also hit quite a few sixes off the pull shot, but the interesting thing about Morgan is that he is not a great player of short balls and although he has hit sixes off the pull shot, he has often been found wanting off the same shot as well.

Morgan, unlike Rohit, hangs back. He doesn’t often get a full stride forward. He anticipates the shorter length all the time; however, what goes in his favor is the fact that he has got the gift of timing and his hand-eye coordination is fantastic as well.

Morgan has hit 47 sixes off the pull shot since 2015.

Evin Lewis

Evin Lewis is more out of Morgan’s school of batting than that of Rohit. He is also not a front-foot player and collects most of his runs square of the wicket on both sides.

Lewis is a wonderful cutter of the ball, but if the short ball is directed towards his body, he can pick it off the middle-leg stump line and can dispatch it over the deep square leg as well.

The left-handed West Indies opener has hit 42 sixes off the pull shot since 2015.

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