Ben Stokes Slammed People For Violating Lockdown Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Ben Stokes Slammed People For Violating Lockdown Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The whole world is currently under the lockdown and people are asked to remain inside their homes in order to contain the outspread of the dangerous Coronavirus disease. The numbers are constantly increasing rapidly and the disease has so far infected 22,05,976 people, including 1,48,634 deaths.

Talking about England, it has been hit badly by the Coronavirus pandemic. More than 1,00,000 cases of Coronavirus infected people have been confirmed in the country. Cricketers and celebrities of England are urging their fans to follow all the guidelines and preventive measures set by the government and healthcare institutes of the world.

The England all-rounder Ben Stokes has been very vocal about the whole matter and is urging everyone to follow the guidelines and preventive measures. Recently, he took to his micro-blogging site Twitter and slammed people for violating the lockdown.

Well, just like India, England also decided to cheer for their healthcare officials by clapping for them. However, there were many who gathered around at the bridge. A Twitter user shared a video of the same, where people can be seen gathering around on the bridge to clap for the healthcare workers.

Here, watch the video:

Soon, the video caught the eyes of England all-rounder slammed the people for gathering around the bridge, violating the lockdown eventually.

“Let go to the bridge tonight and clap with loads of other people to show our support for the NHS,it’s fine if we put other people at risk as long as we get seen on camera clapping I’m cool with it” SERIOUSLY”

Here, check out the tweet of Ben Stokes:

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