Hardik Pandya Trolled Himself Again For Appearing On ‘Koffee With Karan’

After landing himself amidst a massive controversy after derogatory comments being made on a talk show called Koffee with Karan, Hardik Pandya jokingly said on an Instagram live with Dinesh Kartik, that he doesn’t drink coffee anymore.

He and Lokesh Rahul were suspended from the national squad after making controversial remarks that stirred a massive storm on social media. Post that suspension, Pandya did return, but his performances haven’t been at their phenomenal best. Despite a couple of blitzkrieg knocks, a span plagued by injuries and this current lockdown hasn’t provided the much-needed wind in his sails.

There were deliberations of the Indian Premier League being played amidst closed doors and this has once again sparked debates across a lot of podiums. Discussing the pros and cons of the tournament being played behind closed doors, Pandya said that he will not be having any problems if the decision is actually implemented.

Drawing contrast to Ranji Trophy previously being played indoors, the Indian all-rounder hinted at his approval in case of India’s most expensive cricketing extravaganza stays confined to the closed doors.

In Instagram live, there was Hardik Pandya, his younger sibling, Krunal Pandya, and India’s wicket-keeper batsman, Dinesh Kartik. Hardik cited, “I don’t drink coffee, I drink green tea instead. I drank coffee only once and it proved to be too expensive for me. I can bet that Starbucks would not have such an expensive coffee. Since then I stay away from coffee.”

Probably there are two things which Hardik will find to be expensive throughout his cricketing career and they are coffee and a talk show. However, keeping aside the controversies, he is one fine hard-hitter of the ball with some crucial bowling flair that India will heavily bank upon in the near future.

Also, if BCCI is actually moving its IPL to closed doors, it would be highly intriguing to watch that how do the cricketers who solely thrive on the reactions of the concourse will adapt themselves.

In a recent statement made by Nathan Lyon, even he would love to witness Kohli making himself at home when the crowds do not egg him on. Pandya did not, however, address this concern and also did not bring in the topic that what would it mean for the stadiums on a financial scale if the game is played without the audience.

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