Irfan Pathan Asked Twitterati To Help Him After He Got Trolled For ‘9baje9minute’ Remark

In a very tragic incident, Irfan Pathan, the man who propelled India to their maiden T-20 World Cup victory was lambasted brutally over Twitter on his latest post pertaining to Narendra Modi.

It all started with Modi’s communiqué, where the leader of the nation took to a video message to request the nation the citizens to light candles or lamps or mobile flashes for 9 minutes at 9 pm on the 5th of April.

Despite, most of the nation sensibly carrying this action out, supporting the request of the Prime Minister and also paying homage to all those heroes who are fighting relentlessly on the front line to stop the pervading of Coronavirus, a few imbeciles, transgressing the boundaries, chose to burst firecrackers.

It wasn’t a very friendly sight for all those who were really looking forward to promulgating unity through the lights. Many protested against this naïve incident and were stringently against these kinds of idiocies.

Irfan Pathan, one of the best reverse-swingers that India has ever begotten was also the one to raise his voice against such foolish acts.

However, what followed on Twitter was an act of utter disgust, as the same fans that he made happy after an emphatic performance against the rampaging Pakistanis in the World Cup finals, started trolling him.

Things nosedived into a spiraling vortex of hatred and the hate posts disseminated faster than the novel Coronavirus.

Apparently, post this Irfan Pathan was compelled to cite on one of his social media handles stating that if a celebrity who embodied the nation at the grandest stages of all have to go through this, then for a common Indian, it becomes a lot more difficult.

In fact his next tweet was a compilation of all the hate-filled posts and on top of that he quoted, “We need fire trucks can u help? @TwitterIndia”

A lot of fellow Indians did come out to the support of India’s former pace bowler and tweeted in his favor.

We all know how social media has become a rostrum of hate-mongering in the current world. People have been losing over their acts of kindness and compassion. This has turned the social media platforms into boiling cauldrons of hatred and disgust. Spanning from common citizens to celebrities, social media has not spared anyone.

Pathan’s act of defiance against these morons has actually been a silver lining for all these people who are oblivious of the common sense of conduct.

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