Kapil Dev Slammed Shoaib Akhtar For Proposing IndvsPak Match Amidst Coronavirus

As the whole world is struggling to come to terms with the growing threat of the novel COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak, former Pakistan’s pacer Shoaib Akhtar recently came up with a suggestion in order to raise funds to deal with the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, talking to PTI sought help from India for the supply of 10,000 ventilators to aid Pakistan’s crippled medical infrastructure. Asking help, Shoaib Akhtar said that “Pakistan will remember this gesture forever.” 

In the interview, Shoaib Akhtar proposed a three-match ODI series between India and Pakistan in order to raise funds for both the countries amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. He also said that the matches can be held at a neutral place like Dubai and players can be flown out of the city in chartered planes.

Well, his statements didn’t go down well with the people from both the countries who are now slamming the cricketer left, right and center.

Former Indian skipper Kapil Dev has now reacted on the proposal of Shoaib Akhtar. Kapil Dev has slammed Shoaib Akhtar that it is important how our authorities work together to deal with this crisis. He said:

He is entitled to his opinion but we don’t need to raise the money. We have enough. For us, what is important right now is that how our authorities work together to deal with this crisis. I am still seeing a lot of blame game on television from the politicians and that needs to stop,” 

He added:

“Anyway, the BCCI has donated a hefty amount (Rs 51 crore) for the cause and is in a position to donate much more if the need arises. It doesn’t need to raise funds. The situation is unlikely to get normal anytime soon and organising a cricket game means putting our cricketers at risk which we don’t need to,” 

Kapil Dev said that cricket will resume when things get normal. He said:

“It is just not worth the risk. And how much money can you make from three games? In my view, you can’t even think of cricket for the next five to six months,”

He added:

“Cricket will resume when things get normal. The game can’t be bigger than the country. The pressing issue is to look after the poor, the hospital workers, the police and all other people who are on the frontline of this war,” 

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