Kedar Jadhav Named The Biggest Superstar Of The Country Among Salman Khan And MS Dhoni

On Thursday, Kedar Jhadav, the middle-order batsman of IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings took to his social media and decided to go live on Instagram, where he talked about many things, from personal to professional.

Amidst many questions, Kedar Jhadav was asked to choose his favorite ‘superstar’ from among the former Indian skipper, MS Dhoni, and Bollywood actor Salman Khan. To which, Kedar Jadhav said that he can’t choose among them as he is closed to both of them. However, he then said that it was because of MS Dhoni that he got to meet Salman Khan. He said:

“For me both are superstars, I cannot differentiate. Because of MS Dhoni I was able to play the duration that I played and because of Mahi bhai I get to meet Salman bhai. So, I think it will be always Mahi bhai first and then Salman bhai,” 

Kedar Jadhav then compared how choosing between Salman and MS Dhoni is like choosing between mom and dad. He said:

“It is very difficult for me it like asking which parent you like the most, is your mom favourite or is your dad favourite,” 

During the live session, Kedar Jadhav shared his biggest regret during his glorious career. Sharing how he always wanted to play with Sachin but he couldn’t, Kedar said:

Growing up for almost 99% of the people, it was Sachin Tendulkar but I always regret that I couldn’t play with him for India,” 

He also heaped in praises for MS Dhoni and revealed his first impression about MS Dhoni. Kedar said:

“When I met Mahi bhai, my impression was he’s India captain, he’s very strict and you know he is very calm but he is very focussed. I used to get very intimidated by him even when he was relaxed. After meeting him, I don’t see any other image when it comes to favourite cricketer, it has to be MS Dhoni,”

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