Mickey Arthur Revealed Why It Is Frustrating To Work With Umar Akmal

In the last few years, Umar Akmal has gotten himself into all sorts of controversies, which actually hasn’t helped him in his cricketing career with Pakistan’s cricket team. The cricketer, when stepped into the cricketing world, was considered a big thing, however, over all these years, he has made news mostly for all the wrong reasons. Though the cricketer tried to make occasional comebacks but he failed miserably.

Recently, the former Pakistan head coach, Mickey Arthur expressed how Umar Akmal wasn’t an easy person to get along with. He reckoned that the time has run our for Umar Akmal and feels that he didn’t get a proper guidance at the start of his career owing. He said:

It’s definitely too late for him [Umar Akmal] now. It’s sad because he is a likeable enough bloke but what he needed was a real firm hand at the start of his career to guide him properly,” 

He added:

I don’t think he got the right messages earlier in his career because if he had, he wouldn’t have gone down the route he has chosen to. He was frustrating to work with,” 

Arthur also opened up about the spat that he had with the Pakistani spinner, Wahab Riaz. He feels that the cricketer wasn’t able to give the best of his abilities and was thus left out of the team. He said:

“I had one notable spat with Wahab Riaz, and we spoke openly about it as well. I felt Wahab had so much ability and potential and at the point we left him out of the side, he wasn’t just fulfilling that potential,” 

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