Murali Vijay Reveals Why He Wants To Go On A Dinner Date With Ellyse Perry

Murali Vijay Reveals Why He Wants To Go On A Dinner Date With Ellyse Perry

Murali Vijay has lost his way a bit as far as playing for India is concerned, but he has earned the love and support of the fans through his batting for India and Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. Recently, Murali Vijay made an appearance on Chennai Super Kings’ Instagram Live and interacted with the fans.

It was a very candid and entertaining conversation as Murali Vijay who is also known as ‘Monk’ answered all the questions that were asked to him in a very free-flowing and easy way. It was a fun session for the fans because not long ago Murali Vijay was a regular member of Team India’s Test squad and a very important player in the CSK squad.

However, due to a consistent dip in his form and a pool of young openers who are pushing each other for a spot, Vijay lost his place in the side and now chances of his comeback are looking bleak, to say the least.

During the live session, Vijay spoke about how batting with Virender Sehwag and MS Dhoni is different.

He also spoke about his partnership with MS Dhoni in England and said that MS Dhoni is always a calming factor in the middle.

“In England, the partnership between myself and MS (Dhoni) was phenomenal. He made me calm. We were 4 wickets down and the way he handled himself and made me raise my game, we were feeding off each other. MS is always a calming factor in the middle. Like he comes up with his own persona. You can describe through words. We don’t even talk much in the middle, it’s just eye to eye contact,” Vijay said.

During the live session, when the host asked Murali Vijay to pick two players with whom he would like to go for dinner. And the Monk of CSK gave a very interesting reply. He took his former opening partner Shikhar Dhawan’s name and the second name was of the Australian woman cricketer, Ellyse Perry.

“Ellyse Perry. I want to have dinner with her. She is so beautiful. And Shikhar Dhawan any day. He is a fun guy. Just that he will speak Hindi and I will be conversing in Tamil,” Murali Vijay said on Instagram live. 

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