Nasser Hussain Gave A Solid Reason Why MS Dhoni Shouldn’t Retire From International Cricket

Former England captain and one of the analysts in the history of the game Nasser Hussain believes that the BCCI and Indian cricket fans shouldn’t put MS Dhoni into retirement too early. Nasser, who is known for sharing his views on issues related to cricket in the most candid and fearless manner, said that only Dhoni knows his mental state and he shouldn’t’ be pushed into retirement too early.

“Once Dhoni is gone, there is no getting him back. There are some legends of the game, appreciating while around because they are once-in-a-generation cricketer and don’t push him into retirement too early. Only Dhoni knows his mental state and in the end, the selectors select and players turn up when asked to,” Hussain was quoted as saying in Star Sports on its new show ‘Cricket Connected’.

Nasser Hussain also said that the most important question is -“Is MS Dhoni still good enough to get on the Indian side?”

“Is MS Dhoni still good enough to get on the Indian side? It is as simple as that. That should apply to anyone across the board. What I have seen of Dhoni, I still think MS Dhoni has a huge amount to offer for Indian cricket,” he added.

Nasser Hussain also added that MS Dhoni has failed to finish matches for India in the recent past but the former England captain also added Dhoni is still a really good talent. Nasser didn’t mention which game but we believe he was talking about the games against West Indies and England in the ICC Cricket World Cup 20189.

“Yes, it’s been one or two occasions where he (MSD) got it wrong in run chases, there was a World Cup game in England where he sort of blocked at the end for some unknown reason, but in general MS Dhoni is still a really good talent and be careful what you wish for,” elaborated Hussain.

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