Rohit Sharma Slammed All Those Who Celebrated Last Night

The whole country came out together on their balconies to light candles to participate in the 9PM9Minutes initiative on Sunday night as the entire world continues to fight against the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic. The entire country lit up in an absolutely awesome display as people around the country used candles, lanterns, flashlights, and torches to make an incredible expression of hope and unity after the conventional lights went off.

Social media was soon flooded with the pictures and videos from the ‘9PM9Minutes’ initiative. Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma also took to his Twitter and posted a hilarious Tweet during the initiative.

He took to his Twitter and urged everyone to all the citizens of India to stay indoors and not to go out on the streets celebrating. Rohit Sharma also reminded everyone about the upcoming World Cup, which is still some time away. Rohit wrote:

“Stay indoors India, don’t go out on the streets celebrating. World Cup is still some time away”

Here, check out the tweet of Rohit Sharma:

Rohit Sharma also shared a picture of himself from ‘9PM9Minutes’ initiative on his Instagram stories. In the picture, Rohit Sharma can be seen posing with his wife Ritika and baby Samaira. Here, check out the picture:


Earlier Rohit Sharma had taken to his Twitter and urged everyone to come out on their balconies to take part in this initiative. In his Tweet, Rohit Sharma wrote how our life depends on winning this test and asked for everyone’s solidarity in this. He wrote:

Team India, we cant get this prescription wrong. Our life depends on winning this test match. Show your solidarity, join us in “The Great Team India Huddle” today 5th April 9pm for 9min. Light to Fight. Are you with me?”

Here, check out the Tweet:


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