Twitterati React After Imam Of Peace Shared The Reason Why Cricket Is Not Famous In China

Twitterati React After Imam Of Peace Shared The Reason Why Cricket Is Not Famous In China

A lot has been going around the world ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. The graph of Coronavirus affected people has been increasing rapidly. Coronavirus, which began from Wuhan, China after someone consumed ‘bat’ soup, has now affected the whole world. So far, more than 9 lakh people have reported being Coronavirus positive and the disease has led to the death of more than 47k people.

In India, the number has crossed the 2,000 mark and it is still increasing rapidly. More than 50 people have lost their lives to this dangerous disease, which has brought everyone’s life into a standstill.

In order to prevent the Coronavirus from further spreading, many countries around the world are observing lockdown. All parts of India are also been locked-down for containment of the virus. The situation has created a state of fear and panic all around.

Meanwhile, people on social media are trying their best to balance the entertainment factor and to keep the environment light with their funny tweets and memes on the disease, that has been going viral.

Well, a tweet has gone insanely viral that was shared by Mohammad Tawhidi, who is famous with the name ‘Imam Of Peace’ on social media. He is an influencer and reformist and is very popular on social media. He never shies away from speaking his heart about anything.

Recently, he took to his Twitter and took a hilarious dig at China regarding the ongoing condition of the country. In his Tweet, Imam asked the reason why cricket isn’t a great sport in China, to which he gave an amazing answer which is that they keep eating the bats. He wrote:

Why isn’t cricket a great sport in China? They keep eating the bats.”

Here, check out the Tweet:

As soon as his Tweet caught eyes, people came up with hilarious reactions to it.  Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


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