Virat Kohli Shared How He 'Howled' Whole Night After Getting Rejected

Virat Kohli Shared How He ‘Howled’ Whole Night After Getting Rejected

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper is currently the best batsman around the world. With his impeccable cricketing skills and sound knowledge of the game, Virat is regarded as the modern age legend of the game. Over these years of his glorious career, he has gone on to break many records of the legends and create new ones.

However, the journey wasn’t that easy. Recently, the Indian skipper revealed that he ‘howled’ all night after he was rejected for the team. Yes, this is true, Virat was rejected by his stateside before turning into the world’s leading batsman.

Recently, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli decided to go live on social media, where the two spoke about their lives and careers in order to motivate students amidst lockdown and Coronavirus pandemic. During the interview, Virat revealed how he ‘howled’ all night after he was rejected for his state side. He revealed:

The first time I was rejected in the state selections, I remember it was late at night and I just cried,” 

He added:

I howled till about three in the morning and I could not believe it. Because I scored well, everything was going perfectly for me. I performed till I reached that stage and I was rejected”

He further revealed how he kept asking his coach about the reason behind his exclusion from the team. He said:

And I kept asking my coach for two hours, why didn’t it happen? And I couldn’t make sense of it. But when there is passion and commitment, that motivation comes back to you.”

Virat Kohli then made his debut for his state Delhi in the year 2006 and the rest is history. Today he is the best batsman around the world and millions of youngsters looks upto him for inspiration.

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