When Virender Sehwag Trolled His Wife On Twitter In His Style

The former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag is regarded as one of the most thrilling batsmen of all time. Virender Sehwag who is fondly called ‘Viru’ is very active on the micro-blogging site Twitter, where he has amassed a huge fan following owing to his witty replies and hilarious sense of humor.

Virender Sehwag, who has entertained us all with his aerial shots on the cricket field, now entertains one and all with his witty replies and sense of humor on social media. His tweets never fail to go viral on social media.

From killing the trolls with savage responses to interacting with cricketers via hilarious tweets, we have often seen Virender Sehwag stealing the limelight on social media with hilarious tweets. While there have been many hilarious moments when he has ruled the platform of Twitter. However, this one moment stands out as this time he trolled none other than his own wife.

Virender Sehwag who is happily married to Arti Ahlawat took a dig at his wife and left the fans in splits. Well, it happened a day before his wedding anniversary, when the former Indian cricketer took to his social media and came up with a witty and extremely funny tweet. In his tweet, he took a hilarious jibe at his wife at how a husband can never win an argument with his wife. He also shared a beautiful picture of himself with his wife. Taking a dig at his wife, he wrote:

“Heard this- Ek aadmi ne tootte taare ko dekhkar Biwi se bahas jeetne ki shakti maangi . Taara vapas jud gaya !”

(which roughly translates to: A person asked a shooting star that he be granted the powers to win an argument against his wife. Hearing that the star returned back to its starting position.)

Here, check out the tweet:

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