5 Cricketers Who Had To Wear Spectacles But Still Ruled The Game

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Athletes play cricket in a large stadium but sometimes inches can decide the outcome of the game. If the batsman watches the ball a fraction late, he can mistime the ball and he can lose his wicket. In the case of fielders, if they are not able to judge the trajectory of the ball, they can drop catches.

Bowlers need good eyesight to see the subtle trigger movements made by the batsmen. While good eyesight is necessary, there are are some famous cricketers with problems with eyesight. So let us look at some players who played with spectacles

5. Zaheer Abbas

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If people call you “Asian Bradman” you must be good, and Zaheer Abbas was brilliant. The Pakistan batsman had to wear spectacles for a large part of his career but his vision seemed to be top class.

The ease with he used to toy with bowlers was disheartening for the opposition. He is the only Asian to score more than 100 first-class centuries in his career. Sunil Gavaskar recalled that Indians sometimes said: “Zaheer ab bad Karo” which means “stop it Zaheer”.

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