5 Cricketers Who Hit Centuries In Their Debut And Final Test

Every cricketer wants to start his international career with a bang and sign off with a bang too, but not everyone is fortunate or lucky enough to be able to do so. However, there are a few cricketers who have been able to score centuries both in the first as well as the last match of their Test careers.

Here are the 5 cricketers who hit centuries in their debut and final Test match:

#1 Alistair Cook (England):

Alistair Cook was touring with the England Lions squad in 2006 when he was suddenly given a call-up by the English selectors to come and join the senior England team in India. Cook debuted straightaway and he managed to get to the three figure mark in his first Test itself.

Cook, incidentally, also ended his career against India in 2018 and again scored a century to end an illustrious career.

#2 Mohammad Azharuddin (India):

Mohammad Azharuddin made his debut for India in the early 80s against England in Kolkata and began with a ton. Everyone took notice of him straightaway and tipped him as the next big thing in Indian cricket which he turned out to be.

But, Azharuddin’s career didn’t end in an ideal manner. When he played his last Test match against South Africa, he didn’t quite have the idea that it would be his last Test match. He was banned, thereafter, for his alleged involvement in match fixing and he never played for India again.

#3 Reggie Duff (Australia):

At the time Duff played his cricket, England and Australia were the only prominent teams involved in the game and most of the cricket matches used to be played between these two teams only.

So, it’s not a surprise that Duff played both his first and last Test match against England only and scored hundreds in both of them.

#4 Bill Ponsford (Australia):

Ponsford, another player from Australia, played his cricket in the twenties and thirties and hence, came across England most of the time when he represented Australia in the Ashes series.

Ponsford scored a hundred in his first Test like all the above mentioned players, but he scored a double hundred in his last Test which is a rare record as well.

#5 Greg Chappell (Australia):

Greg Chappell has been one of the best batsmen to have come out of Australia till date. He later tried his hand at coaching too and coached the Indian team for a couple of years; however his coaching career was full of controversies.

Chappell played his first Test against England and last Test against Pakistan and scored hundreds in both the games.

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